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OCP Discussion - 15 Aug 2022

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Re the OCP Discussion on 15 Aug 2022 

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Hello Folks,

With respect to the North Saanich OCP Review, there is an important Council meeting coming up on Monday, August 15, 2022.

Council will be discussing the latest OCP report, specifically the Phase 3 Engagement Summary and Recommendations Report.

The Municipality has issued a notice about this meeting; here is the link to the agenda and reports.

We urge readers to review the two reports.

The reports make 30 separate recommendations in relation to the vision, goals, six OCP themes, and the key features of the land use scenarios.

The Regional Growth Strategy, a foundational document for all municipalities in the CRD, receives a meagre single page discussion on page 153 within the 510 page Engagement Summary.  Considering that the RGS defines North Saanich as rural/rural-residential and outside the Urban Containment Boundary (where urban densities are meant to be), the strong emphasis by the Project Team on urban densification is directly contradictory to that identity.   And given the input from residents outlined in the summary, this urbanization push goes against the prevailing attitudes of the North Saanich community.

The two-page summary of Council Correspondence on page 455 (Appendix 6, page 165) of the Engagement Summary also makes for interesting reading.  Although it demonstrates a generally low level of support for both the review process itself and the push towards urbanization, the urbanization tone still prevails and residents need to let Council know their opinion regarding that sentiment.

For further background on the OCP Review, have a look at the North Saanich Community Voices website, specifically North Saanich Community Voices: NSCV on the OCP Review and North Saanich Community Voices: A Planner Speaks (

The various ways to participate at this meeting are described at

Thanks for your support, your NSCV Team

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