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  • Here it is!  Our Mayor and Council picks: experience, good judgement and respect for the Regional Growth Strategy.  Accept no substitutes.

  • From a Next Door thread some thoughts on the need for a Regional Growth Strategy
  • The Municipal Election: the candidates, All Candidates Meetings, Voting dates and locations and background on the issues.
  • A copy of an email to NSCV subscribers regarding the upcoming Council discussion on 15 Aug, 2022 of the Phase 3 Engagement Summary.  The email provides some background and links to the meeting information and the relevant reports.
  • Comment on a Staff Report dealing with the RGS and the disposition of Areas 1 and 2.  Time sensitive - 11 July, 2022 Council meeting.

  • NSCV on the OCP Review: The OCP Review process has failed to adequately address so many aspects important to North Saanich residents. 
  • Regional Growth Strategy: The OCP Review process to date has every appearance of attempting to sidestep the RGS as it applies to North Saanich. Everything you need to know, and more, about the Regional Growth Strategy and the Urban Containment Boundary.  
  • Housing Affordability Five Reasons Why Housing Supply Won’t Solve Unaffordability. Douglas Todd explains in this Vancouver Sun article.  

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