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Preserving Important Environmental and Agricultural Values in North Saanich 

We are temporarily inserting our item on Council Candidates.  The regular home page material is found below this new item.

 North Saanich Municipal Election 2022

Thank you, voters!

North Saanich Community Voices (www.nscv.ca) would like to congratulate Peter Jones, Celia Stock, Phil DiBattista, Jack McClintock, Sanjiv, Irene McConkey and Brett Smyth for being elected to steward our municipal affairs for the next four years. And our condolences to Terrie Rolph who missed out by only 78 votes.

Guided by Mayor Peter Jones, we are confident that this group will take a thoughtful, consultative and measured approach in all their deliberations. And we are particularly optimistic that they will provide us with an OCP that will be well aligned with the preferences of the community.

Thanks again to them and all the other candidates who offered their thoughts and services to our community

Our Picks for Council 

Followers of North Saanich Community Voices will know that we stand for land-use planning that carefully considers the long-term implications of our decisions. We support our rural-residential identity in the CRD, providing the agricultural and climate-mitigating natural areas so important for a healthy community. 

We support the provision of truly affordable housing, while remaining outside the Urban Containment Boundary. 

We recognize that our current (2007) OCP already allows for more housing than our projected population requires, and that recent housing completions in North Saanich greatly exceed the assessed local housing need.  

We believe that our secondary suite bylaw has successfully provided affordable rental housing options for our local workers, and greater opportunity for home ownership attainability for young families. 

We believe the current OCP review process is inconsistent with the Regional Growth Strategy, does not reflect the wishes of the community as a whole, and badly needs a course correction. 

(Much more information on these issues is available on our website at www.nscv.ca. We encourage you to check it out.) 

We acknowledge and thank all candidates who have stepped forward to serve our community, and believe the following candidates best support the values we espouse, and will bring a balanced view to Council: 

For Mayor:  

Peter Jones. Of the three candidates for Mayor, Peter has the clearest vision on how to protect rural areas, promote local food production, and oversee the management of district finances and staff.   www.peterjonesfornorthsaanich.com 

For Council: 

Celia Stockincumbent.  Celia’s voting record demonstrates a commitment to keeping the OCP consistent with the Regional Growth Strategy, and ability to listen and respond to residents.  

Irene McConkey: has worked hard to familiarize herself with the issues by writing letters and attending council meetings over several years.  Irene is a clear and thoughtful communicator who is committed to a rural vision.  

Jack McClintockincumbent.  Jack is a clear and independent thinker whose voting record reflects a focus on fiscal responsibility, a rural vision, and an ability to hear and address community concerns. 

Sanjiv.  Intelligent and approachable, Sanjiv would focus on using local knowledge to create better plans. This physics professor would ensure that staff and consultants have done their homework. Website:  VoteSanjiv.ca 

Terrie Rolph. Terrie’s focus is on climate change, the value of rural areas, and food security. Terrie is thoughtful, respectful and a good team player.           

Our fellow residents at SaveNorthSaanich have more complete biographical information here: https://www.savenorthsaanich.ca/post/the-candidates-who-will-save-north-saanich 

Just a reminder that you don’t have to vote for 6 Councillors – we suggest you vote only for those who you believe will do a good job.  Voting for others that you’re not that keen on could actually diminish the chances of your preferred candidates. 

This election, perhaps more than any other, is extremely important for the future of North Saanich as we know it. Please get out and vote, and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same. And please share this message with anyone you think may be interested.

NSCV Home Page

North Saanich is considered one of the best rural residential communities in Canada for a reason. Our 40 kilometers of marine coastline surround fertile agricultural lands, forests and large lot neighbourhoods. Residents have appreciated and enshrined the rural, marine and agricultural values so prevalent in North Saanich in our Official Community Plans for decades, and its uniqueness can be attributed to the long-term vision of so many who advocated for preservation of these qualities. 

The Capital Regional District’s (CRD) Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) has further protected those values through designating North Saanich as a rural rural-residential municipality. Among the RGS’s primary objectives is keeping urban settlement compact and protecting the integrity of rural communities. The overarching intention of the RGS is to reduce development pressures on the Saanich Peninsula and other rural areas “to ensure that they remain strongly rooted in the agricultural…land base . . . allowing the rural countryside and natural landscape to remain as a durable fact of life in the Capital Region”. 

But our environmental and agricultural values are constantly under pressure from development, and development interests have had an oversized influence on our current Official Community Plan Review. 

North Saanich Community Voices, a group of concerned residents originally established in 2014 to advocate for the preservation of these important rural values, is once again stepping up to provide an important long-term perspective that is in danger of being pushed aside by short-sighted development interests.

In support of the conversations we need to be having as a community as the OCP Review continues, we offer this site as a sort of clearing house for those perspectives which are more closely aligned with the unique rural identity so many North Saanich residents have come to appreciate about North Saanich.

We are including a small selection of articles in the Blog Archive from the 2014-15 era and 2021 that pertain to issues that are still timely.

Please take some time to read these perspectives and talk about them with your friends and neighbours, sign up for email updates, and help us shape an OCP that truly reflects the values of this community. 

We can't do this without you. 

Our Vision

We are a group of engaged citizens with a vision of North Saanich that respects our rural lifestyle, and includes protection of agricultural land and our natural amenities.  We support long-term, sustainable and planned development as specified in the Regional Growth Strategy.  

We advocate collaboration with our neighbours within the CRD to maximize the comparative advantages of each without detracting from their unique attributes.

Members include Bernadette Greene, Spring Harrison, Alan Osborne, Warren Schiewe, Lorrene Soellner, Jack Thornburgh, and Lydia Wingate.

We welcome comments, corrections and submitted articles that offer facts or informed opinion to help us all make better choices about the future of our community.

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