Friday 11 July 2014

Public Sentiment - 97% against the RCS/OCP changes (2014)

A tally of submissions to two recent CRD meetings on this issue showed 9 submissions in support and 263 against!  Is anyone listening!

These opinions not favouring the RCS/OCP changes are not form letter responses, but all original letters listing many different difficulties with the proposal.

Speakers at the CRD meetings showed a similar high preponderance not in favour as well.

Notable among the few supporters of these changes, were several people with commercial ties to some of the projects - not impartial voices.

As of July7, there were 77 submissions to Council on this topic.  Of those, 77 were against this RCS/OCP Amendment.

It is difficult to see how how Council could not place significant weight on this public input.  On another recent rezoning application, the Council majority were adamant that public sentiment in that case be accorded major importance.  Hopefully, they will remain consistent.