Progressive Candidates

 Side-by-Side Comparison of the Mayoral Candidates

A look at the mayoral candidates’ web pages and literature helps us to flesh out what they offer the voters.  We have included all the verifiable or objective information from their literature and websites, and excluded subjective statements that are not easily verified or do not have concrete evidence to support them.

This listing is about what training, experience, community service and knowledge they would bring to the position of Mayor, and is gleaned from their campaign literature and information on their websites.  This is what the candidates have provided to the voters.  In addition, some information has been obtained from internet searches.

When considering your choice for Mayor, please also consider that the mayor is (almost always) our representative on the Capital Regional District Board, and should have the necessary skills and experience to work effectively in that role and with other regional committees.

 This report was prepared on 7 Nov 2014 using all evidence-based material that we could find from the Internet and the Candidates' own web sites assuming that posted candidate resumes would now be complete.  Check with those sites for any subsequent changes.

Dorothy Hartshorne

Personal information: 
NS resident 1969 to 2005, returned to NS in spring of 2014
            Two children with husband, Dan
Work/Career Experience: 
Built Hartshorne Tree Service with husband, Dan, before moving to Cariboo in 2005
Worked as Constituency Assistant for Liberal MLA Donna Barnett
Political Experience:
Municipal experience (six years total): 
NS Councillor 1999 to 2005 (six years)
                         Environmental Advisory Commission (1999)

Alice Finall

Personal Information:  NS resident 1975 to present
             Three children with husband, Derek
Work/Career Experience:
Law practice (26 years)
            Elected member, Victoria, BC Provincial Council, Canadian Bar Assoc. (six years)
Political Experience: 
Municipal experience (20 years total): 
North Saanich Councillor 1993 – 1999 (6 years)
                        North Saanich Mayor:  2008 – 2014 (6 years)
                       Yellowknife Councillor:  1971 – 1973 (2 years)
                        North Saanich commissions (6 years total):
Agricultural Advisory Commission – first chair
                                    Environmental Advisory Commission member 2000 to 2006
             CRD Board Director:  3 years
                                     Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Committee
                                     Environment Sustainability Chair (3 years)
Community Service: 
Founding member:  North Saanich Food for the Future Society
             Co-organizer:  establishment of North Saanich Farm Market
             Member:  NS Community Advisory Committee for 2007 Official Community Plan
             Founding member, director and chair:  Friends of Dominion Brook Park Society
             Director and Chair:  Peninsula Streams Society
Recipient:  Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for Community Service, selected by Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Relevant Initiatives:
Initiated Sandown proposal
          The great disparity between the two candidates in terms of experience, community service, and knowledge is the main reason that we have chosen to endorse Alice Finall for Mayor.  We recognize that while it is unlikely that we or anyone else will agree with Mayor Finall all the time, we believe that she will strive to represent the best interests of the majority of citizens, that she has demonstrated a commitment to the Official Community Plan, and that she has the track record to prove it. 

On Leadership and Bad Behaviour

Our incumbent mayor, Alice Finall, is, by any measure, our best choice for mayor.  She stands unwaveringly on the side of even-handed treatment of all citizens, financial efficiency in government, and policies that, overall, benefit all citizens.  No leader will create or support policies that suit every citizen but, if they are fair and reasonable, those policies will benefit most citizens.  Alice Finall genuinely and vigorously is a champion of the common good in North Saanich.

             She also, and for the same reasons, strongly opposes one-off initiatives that do not rest on established policy or that contradict existing policy.  For her, and for the majority of residents, special deals for special groups are not the hallmark of a responsible Councillor or a responsible leader.

             Aside from her strongly held principles, which should be of great interest to all voters, her depth of knowledge, experience and recognition by her peers, add significantly to the roster of qualities which make her by far the best candidate for mayor.

             Her opponent appears to have some similar qualities but cannot begin to measure up in the areas of experience and recent Council history.

             The question of leadership ability is often raised with respect to both mayoral candidates.  Detractors of Mayor Finall are quick to point to the highly rancorous and fractious three years that has been the constant characteristic of this Council.  The false implication is that Mayor Finall could have alleviated that divisiveness and brought harmony and consensus to Council meetings.

             Unfortunately, as anyone who spends more than a few minutes at a Council meeting, watches the Council webcasts or spends even a few minutes on the video page will realize, she has an enormous obstacle in attempting to elicit respectful behaviour from some members of Council.  The impediment is that, in our system, the office of Mayor has almost no power in that regard.  In fact, she has less authority in Council than a schoolteacher does in the classroom.  Ultimately, she has but one vote and no disciplinary powers.

             Not only are Council motions decided by a majority vote, mayoral rulings on protocol and procedure at Council meetings are subject to Council majority votes also.  So her attempts to enforce civility, respect for freedom of speech, respect for mayoral authority, respect for honesty and transparency and respect for the overall community good, can all be swept aside by those who are not committed to respectful collaboration.  Many of us who regularly watch her in action, are routinely amazed at her patience and perseverance in attempting to maintain Council on a civil and moderate path in the face of relentless and often rude opposition.

             Alice Finall definitely takes a risk in running for Council again in that there is the grim prospect of four more years of grinding and unproductive acrimony similar to the last three.  It is our responsibility as a community to elect her, along with a group of responsible and respectful Councillors, to direct Council to act once again for the overall good rather than for the interests of special lobby blocs.

           The mayor is indeed the team leader.   But it is we, the voters, who build the team she will be forced to work with over the coming four years.  We must send her the best possible team.

Letter to the Editor,

Published December 8, 2011

Finall strong member of CRD board

This week, I witnessed the deliberate removal of North Saanich Mayor Alice Finall from the CRD board by four council members. This was led by former mayor Ted Daly at their inaugural meeting, with a large crowd in attendance.

The reaction of the residents attending was primarily shock and anger and confusion that someone who had been elected by the public could be removed.

The loss of Finall on the CRD board is North Saanich's loss, but even more, it is a tremendous loss for the whole region.

In the many CRD board meetings I have attended, I have seen Finall's outstanding leadership, effective consultation and cooperation move the CRD agenda forward and an astute and strategic sense of what is needed in the local and regional community.

This is a sad day for North Saanich and for us all.

Vicky Husband, Victoria


Progressive Thinking, Progressive Candidates

North Saanich Community Voices recommends the following candidates for Mayor and Councillors.  Although each voter is allowed to select up to six candidates, voting for more than those listed, risks displacing one of them by another, lesser candidate.

Mayor                     Alice Finall

Councillor             Geoff Orr
                               Celia Stock
                               Jack Thornburgh
                               Heather Gartshore

           North Saanich faces significant pressure to change considerably and irrevocably.  In light of this pressure, and a desire to move forward in a truly sustainable and responsible way, we believe that North Saanich needs truly progressive Council members.

We offer the following philosophy as our idea of “progressive”.  It is summed up by material on the Think Progress website,

"We believe that the purpose of government is to advance the common good, to secure and protect our rights, and to help to create a high quality of life and community well-being.”  

           To us, Progressive means having a vision of our community that is responsible, fair, sustainable and collaborative.


v    To each other and to the common good.  
v    Putting the public interest above the interests of a few
v    Understanding that strong families and strong communities are the foundation of a good society
v    Holding ourselves accountable for our actions, and expecting accountability in our elected officials
v    An engaged and participatory citizenry

v    Working to achieve economic conditions that benefit civil society broadly
v    Open and honest government
v    Acting with honesty and integrity
v    No special privileges for the well-connected or the wealthy


v    Economically, ecologically and socially
v    Reducing reliance on insecure food supplies and unreliable transportation networks
v    Ongoing stewardship of our land, especially our farmland, water, air and natural resources
v    Responsible use of resources

v    Open-minded and committed to meaningful dialogue
v    Looking beyond our own needs to the larger common good
v    Seeking collaboration and actively working to end division

           We feel that the following candidates for Mayor and Council model the Progressive qualities listed above:
Mayor                     Alice Finall

Councillor               Geoff Orr
                                Celia Stock
                                Jack Thornburgh
                                Heather Gartshore

           Their records both in public and private life are impeccable and demonstrate their dedication to true community service.  Although sharing common values of integrity, fairness, fiscal responsibility and dedication, they are independent thinkers who carefully ponder each decision through the lens of the greater community good.

           They are not united by a slate, nor are they beholden to an Elector Organization or have affiliations to any special interest groups to whom they may owe favours.

           If they had a slogan, we believe it would probably be, "Community focused decisions through civil and reasoned discussion supported by professional Staff advice."

           Because you don’t have to use all your votes, we strongly encourage you to vote only for the candidates that you want to see on Council.  A vote for a less desirable candidate could displace one of your top choices.  Therefore, we urge you to vote for the above candidates only on Nov 15 and return civil and effective government to North Saanich.  

1 comment:

  1. I see you did not have access to my full resume. Please accept the following as an update to your comments on my experience level. Thank you. Dorothy Hartshorne

    Business Experience

    • 2005 to present: Administrator: Hartshorne Enterprises Inc, Hartshorne Software Inc, ChantelleStudio, Antonia Ventures Inc, Treefly Inc, ffby1 Inc
    • 1974-2004 Business Owner & Administrator: Hartshorne Tree Service Ltd.

    Local Government Experience:
    • 1999-2005 topped the polls in two successive municipal elections Councillor for the District of North Saanich

    Provincial Government Experience
    • 2009 – 2013 Constituency Assistant – MLA Donna Barnett, 100 Mile House, BC

    Government Committee Experience:
    • Moderator: Organization & moderation of Regional CA Conferences
    • Chair: Organization & moderation and collation of information for MOTI Development Solutions Committee
    • Chair of the OCP Review Committee
    • Chair of the Public Involvement Committee
    • Member of CRD Parks Committee
    • Member of CRD Environment Committee
    • Liaison to Memorial Park Society
    • Liaison to Peninsula Community Services
    • Liaison to University of Victoria (Dunsmuir Lodge)
    • Liaison to Advisory Planning Commission

    Volunteer Experience:
    • Moderator: Development, organization & moderation of Interlakes Economic Association Forums
    • Chair: Organization & moderation and collation of information for MOTI Development Solutions Committee
    • Co-Chair: Cariboo Women’s Association
    • Vice Chair: Roe Lake Recreation Commission
    • Communications Chair: South Cariboo BC Liberal Riding Association
    • Vice Chair: Roe Lake Recreation Commission
    • Director: North Saanich Residents Association
    • Vice Chair: North Saanich Environmental Advisory Commission
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Greater Victoria Community Forest Society
    • Secretary: COPACS
    • Treasurer: Deep Cove School Parents Advisory Committee
    • Head Proctor: ISA Certified Arborist examinations
    • Volunteer Coordinator: PNW ISA
    • Chair: Organization & moderation PNW ISA Annual Training Conference
    • Treasurer: Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (PNW ISA)
    • Secretary: Victoria Arborist Association

    1998 PNW ISA Presidents Award
    1997 PNW ISA Arboriculture Award


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