Housing Surveys

North Saanich has embarked upon a program to significantly change housing policy and housing densities in selected areas of the Municipality.

Part of that process has involved public opinion questionnaires, by both the Municipality and other parties.  Those efforts attempted to explore public attitudes towards higher density housing with respect to the necessity, the acceptability and the possible locations.

Surveys were undertaken by the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, the Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group, the Municipality of North Saanich and the North Saanich Residents Association.

The Municipal survey was conducted by CTQ Consultants of Kelowna as part of a Housing Strategy Implementation Plan public consultation project.

With regard to the latter, known as the CTQ Exit Survey, many residents felt that it was not well designed and failed to accurately measure public opinion in various areas related to the prospects of higher density housing.

A group of residents contracted with Dr. J Brock Smith of the University of Victoria to undertake a professional evaluation of the CTQ Exit Survey.  He is an internationally recognized expert in public opinion survey design and is eminently qualified to assess this survey which is a major foundation document in the HSIP Final Report.  He found that there were significant problems with the design of the survey and cautioned against using it to guide public policy.

Report by Dr. J B Smith on the CTQ Exit Survey

PowerPoint summary of Dr. J B Smith's report by Spring Harrison

Links to the surveys are given below:

  • Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, housing needs:
not available

  • Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group, housing needs and commuting:
Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group survey

  • CTQ Exit Survey, higher density housing types and locations, form only:
CTQ Exit Survey, form only

  • North Saanich Residents Association, housing preferences, housing policy:
NSRA survey and full results

NSRA PowerPoint summary of the NSRA survey

  • Other reports of interest:

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