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NS Council meeting Summary Jan. 19, 2015

North Saanich Council Meeting - January 19, 2015

With thanks to the North Saanich Residents Association

Disclaimer: “We offer these Council summaries as a service to our members. We have attempted to be as accurate as possible, but recognize that our interpretation of Council discussions may not be quite as the speakers intended. We encourage residents to consult District webcasts for the most accurate information and/or members of Council for clarification and details, and will correct any significant errors that are brought to our attention.”
  • Mayor Finall Chairing
  • Councillor Stock absent     
    Public Participation Period
    Colin Nielson addressed council on behalf of Amalgamation Yes.
    Bruce Tutt drew Council’s attention to his letter re: reactivation of the Downey Rd. Beach Access (see letter in correspondence section of Agenda). He pointed out that this issue has been before Council for many years, and has the support of many residents. Council confirmed endorsement of the project in 2008, and in 2013, the Parks Commission included the access in the Parks plan. Nothing has been done yet. Requested Council take action on this so that the access might be open in time for the 2015 beach season.
    Deanna Drschiwiski, East Saanich Rd. suggested uniting with Victoria library system.
    Petitions and Delegations
    Victoria Airport Authority (VAA)
    Geoff Dickson, James Crowley, Gordon Safarik
    VAA annually make brief presentation about year past
    Geoff Dickson: Total taxes paid by VAA to NS in 2014 was $854,000
    1.64 million passengers in 2014
    2014 projected profit before amortization – $12.2 million reinvested in capital programs James Crowley: 2014 Capital Additions -- $14.0 million Re-surfaced the runway during the night, so they didn’t need to close down the runway/airport.
    Gordon Safarik: 2015 Capital Program -- $13.1 Million
    Apron expansion, new baggage carousel, Parking lot expansion (400 more cars)
Sidney North Saanich RCMP:
Staff Sergeant Dennis O’Gorman (Detachment commander) Getting a new staff sergeant soon.

  • Beginning of year, I meet with CAO Buchan to ask what the district might want us to pay attention to/focus on. In the year, I also report to Council, answer any questions you may have. My main contact with district is through CAO, but also with Director of Finance Theresa Flynn.
  • Results on annual performance plan are excellent.
  • Created a 2 person crime reduction unit which focuses on prolific offenders – identify
    “bad guys” and focus on dealing with them, try to change their behaviours.
  • Plainclothes unit focuses on organized crime – we do have some in this area. Charged
    3 people in large marijuana grow-op in Sidney industrial area recently.
  • First Nations communities – a good relationship with First Nations communities is a
    priority for us.
  • District of NS is one of the safest communities of its size in BC
    Mayor Finall presented Staff Sergeant O’Gorman with a token of NS’s appreciation for his work over the past years.
    Mayor’s Report
    Attended first 2015 meeting of CRD board. Mayor Finall has been asked to chair the Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Committee, and has been appointed. CRD still working on Regional Sustainability Strategy.
    Staff Reports
    Revenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw: Ms. Flynn informed council that Staff is not anticipating using this, but need it for cash flow purposes.
Committee of the Whole Report (highlights)
Muse Winery
  • Coun. Orr spoke of concern that there was not more neighbourhood consultation,
    and the fact that 27 parking stalls will be placed on municipal boulevards, conferring
    a benefit to one business.
  • Mr. Buchan pointed out that consultation formally begins when statutory notification
    is sent out – that hasn’t happened yet. Community can also comment when this is brought to COW. Council can decide to expand the consultation process, but that takes more time and staff resources.
  • Coun. Gartshore wondered about having straight-in parking (not linear), and that might mean it could be on only one street but not the other.
  • Mr. Broderick pointed out that there are still some steps that need to be taken, we haven’t advanced as far as the variance yet.
  • Mayor Finall drew Council’s attention to the fact that there has been correspondence received, and that people have spoken about this at community meetings, and noted that some neighbours would like this to happen to assist the applicant.
    Council voted to refer this to the Agricultural Advisory Committee and to ask Staff to provide all the correspondence received thus far.
    Motion to include fireworks at fire hall in the Jubilee celebration. Carried.
    Jubilee Park
    (donated by VAA on Airport lands) – as part of NS’s 50
    th anniversary year celebration.
    Council was asked to consider funding park improvement to the Jubilee park. The Jubilee Committee would like to see a legacy of the Jubilee year. Not enough just to name the park, would like to see some work done on it. $10,000 buys a few benches and some trails, $25,000 will include landscaping and some other work. It’s here before council now, so that there can be some progress in time for the Jubilee celebration. Some of the funds will come from the $30,000 Jubilee budget.
    Ms. Flynn stated that staff will be reporting to Council about possible funding soon. Staff is preparing an infrastructure gap report.
    Council agreed that $10,000 be spent on the Jubilee Park.

Correspondence (highlights only )

Library services in North Saanich
Mayor Finall noted that it would be good to inform residents that the final decision regarding the library rests with the library board.

Downey Rd. Beach Access:
The potential sale, in 2008, of a property owned by the District at 852 Wain Rd. was discussed as being originally the potential source of funds being proposed to cover the creation of the Downey Rd. Beach Access. That 2008 sale did not go forward due to the perception that the sale in that real estate market would not realize the true value of the property, and subsequently the house was rented out. Now the house sits empty and there is a possibility that the property could be sold with proceeds used to cover Parks projects, including the Downey Rd. Beach Access.
Ms. Flynn indicated that she is presently working on a report about the rental property at 852 Wain Rd.
Coun. Orr asked if that report will also include the Denham Till house.
Ms. Flynn answered that that will be in a separate report.

Council agreed to wait for this information before deciding anything further on the Downey Rd. Beach Access.

Correspondence re: Landscaping at the McTavish Rd. Interchange:
Coun. Weisenberger inquired if there is a pesticide bylaw in NS.
Mr. Buchan said staff will research and advise. The province didn’t put in any irrigation at the McTavish Rd. exchange and so the existing landscaping is not thriving. He was pleased that district staff had the foresight not to take on the maintenance of that area, given the challenges posed by a lack of irrigation. 

Meeting adjourned. 

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