Monday, 10 November 2014

Team North Saanich - a slate for 2014 - 2018? Maybe Not

We have looked carefully at the TNS website and their campaign promises.  Their offering tends to be rich with coded platitudes ("inclusive", "diversity", etc.) and short on specifics.  That parallels their campaign style in 2011 where we only found out after the election about their plans to replace Mayor Finall on the CRD Board.  And their development agenda went well beyond a few spot rezoning projects to approve 520 new units in two higher density zones.

This time they are strangely quiet in mentioning or photographing their "affordable housing successes".  Maybe the broad community doesn't feel that the 520 units are a real solution to housing affordability or that the process to achieve them wasn't genuine?

What other plans do they have that are not in their campaign story?   Remember, vote wisely!

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