Sunday, 9 November 2014

Mayoral Leadership & Bad Behaviour

           A look at the mayoral candidates’ web pages and literature helps us to flesh out what they offer the voters.

          This listing is about what training, experience, community service and knowledge they would bring to the position of Mayor, and is gleaned from their campaign literature and information on their websites.

          Alice Finall definitely takes a risk in running for Council again in that there is the grim prospect of four more years of grinding and unproductive acrimony similar to the last three. 

          It is our responsibility as a community to elect her, along with a group of responsible and respectful Councillors, to direct Council to act once again for the overall good rather than for the interests of special lobby blocs.

           The mayor is indeed the team leader.   But it is we, the voters, who build the team she will be forced to work with over the coming four years.  We must send her the best possible team.

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