Sunday, 9 November 2014

Foul Play in North Saanich Election

Voter Suppression in North Saanich

Friday night Nov 7, election signs for the North Saanich independent election candidates were stolen from in front of several houses in Deep Cove.

Friday night we had five signs up for local independent election candidates, including our mayor Alice Finall, and Saturday morning all 5 signs were gone, said resident Gail Bradshaw. This is a form of bullying. The thief is trying to suppress our vote. That's not how democracy works. Every citizen has the legal right to vote for the candidate of their choice.

Undaunted and determined to have her right reinstated, Bradshaw set to work the day the theft was discovered to make a new sign, pictured [to the right].

I refuse to live in a dictatorship of dishonest bullies who have no respect for citizens' rights, said Bradshaw. I admire honest people who work hard to disseminate truthful information like North Saanich Community Voices,

Every vote counts,

Gail Bradshaw 

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