Saturday, 8 November 2014

Comments recently received . . .

Thanks to those of you who have commented upon our Blog and messaging.  Here's a sample, most are like the second example.

"I am about to vote at next Thursday's Advance Poll. I had made up my mind to vote for two of your candidates until I read your desperate measures to discredit some of the candidates that are running. The Deep Cove Mafia or Flat Earth Society as we use to refer to the likes of Community Voices, doesn't give up in using scare tactics to try and get their message across. Sorry AAA and BBB, you have just lost my vote.
Regards, XXX"

"Dear NSVA [sic],
Thank you for very accurate assessment of North Saanich council's last term. Hopefully, it will persuade residents to vote for the independent candidates you have so thoughtfully endorsed.
Sincerely, XXX"

It is a concern that the few negative comments that we've received rarely give actual examples of our supposed failings but employ a hit-and-run style of commenting.

We believe that we deliberately avoid using scare tactics and desperate measures.  If some candidates are discredited, it is solely through their own behaviour and decisions - we are only the messenger in this.

Nonetheless, we welcome informed criticism and will readily correct any inadvertent errors that are brought our attention.

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